Have you been charged with a criminal offence? Need quick, decisive

criminal legal representation


At Doconade, we acknowledge the past that you have caused you to get into the legal problem you're in but we also look into a preferred future to ensure that you have the best opportunity to look forward to what life has to offer.

We also recognise that some people just get caught up at the wrong place at the wrong time and that you may have wrongly been charged.

Either way, our

criminal lawyers in Adelaide

can help sort out your problems from attending at Police interviews whilst you're being investigated, represent you in Court to apply for bail if you have been arrested or provide sound legal assistance for all matters going through Court.

criminal lawyers in Adelaide

have a strong background in practising criminal law and we can provide you with representation for all charges including:

  • Any Homocide Offences (Murder, Manslaughter etc.)
  • Any Sexual Offences (Rape, Indecent Assault etc.)
  • Any Violence Offences (Assault, Robbery etc.)
  • Any Dishonesty Offences (Centrelink, Fraud, Theft etc.)
  • Any Traffic Offences (Drink Driving, Driving with Licence etc.)

We are experienced in doing simple pleas or providing you with

criminal representation

for the duration of a trial. 

If you have any questions, call us on 08 7226 1385 and one of the lawyers at our office will speak to you.

Alternatively email us below your query.

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