Do you need a will to be drafted? Do you have a

Power of Attorney

and/or a

Power of Guardianship

in place in case something should happen to you?

Are you the executor of a deceased estate and need to guidance on applying for a

grant of probate

? Or have you recently had a family member die without a will and you want to look at applying for a

letter of administration



lawyers  in Adelaide

can help.

Get it done professional and properly with the lawyers at our firm.

We can take care of you and your family in the area of estate winding up for a deceased estate or estate planning if you want to be proactive about how your assets are to be distributed upon your death.

With such important matters to take care of, let the team at Doconade Legal & Migration look after your needs at a time.

We have

estate lawyers in Adelaide

 to cater for your needs at this time.

Call us on 08 7226 1385 to speak to one of the lawyers at our office now.

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